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A great deal of overlap on the sites, but there are differences.

(Paul Arenson on MacJams (go to the website) 
 (with lyrics, recorded 1980s-2008) 

Or all songs individually:

Kyoko's song


Winds of War

I would like to sit down by you

Amazing Grace

The tired old trawler

The Highway

Bar at midnight

Tofu Spaghetti

There's a lesson to be learned in the trees

Strikers Line

The pressures of the world

Many times I have loved

The Good Ship England

Go Down You Broken Old Man

Paul Arenson on Folk Alley (go to the website) 
(with lyrics, recorded 1980s-2008)

Or all songs individually:

There's a lesson to be learned in the trees

 The rippling sea

 The Fantasy song

 Strikers song

 Many Times I have loved

 Good Ship England

 Go down you broken old man

 For Kyoko

 Bar at midnight

2007 | CD (on CD Baby):


2006 | Soundclick:

 Rippling Sea, Each Day is Different, The Highway Song, I'd Like to Sit Downby You, Bar at Midnight, There's a Lesson to be Learned in the Trees, Go Down You Broken Old Man, Pressures of the World, The Revision, The Night is Young (all with lyrics)


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Teaching for Critical Media Literacy


The Revision (Japan civil disobedience)

Ballad of Chong Gyan-Yong (another resistance song)

Amazing Grace (in praise of disobedience)

The Night is Young (long song)

Each Day is Different (a "pre-love" song)

Many Times I have Loved (love song)

Go Down You Broken Old Man (a song about vision)

Tofu Spaghetti (about being non conventional)

There’s a lesson to be learned in the trees (about renewal and resistance)

Three Months Ago (when love ends abruptly)

Gracias a la Vida (from a Japanese concert circa 1980)

Izzy Young program from Sweden (recorded by Chuck Rosina cira 1973)

Strikers Line (a Celtic-inspired protest song)

Bar at Midnight (where politics and lonliness converge)

The Good Ship England (allegory about the cost of imperialism to the imperialist)

Tired Old Trawler (prisoners of the seas we sail)

Pressures of the World (nonsense song)

Highway Song (about highways poking through the wilderness)

Rippling Sea (poem of a japanese friend put to music)

I Would Like to Sit Down by You (hope that love will blossom)

Spider Song (when love does not blossom but friendship remains)

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