From a 2002 radio show as well as some experimental stuff


Scott and Paul Sing the Blues


From a 2002 radio show as well as some experimental stuff


Scott and Paul Sing the Blues

Paul Arenson and Scott
Seeley introduce folk and folk blues (1980s)

There is a segment at the end of the video that was inadvertantly left in during editing, Paul on a local Japanese singing contest around 1982.

Music Videos 
Paul Arenson opening for David Rovics 2008
David Rovics in Japan 2008
Or here.


Hibakusha, Our Life to Live 2006

TokyoProgressive News Vol 1 (Feb 2006-Introduction)

RADIO ENGLISH: 2002-3 | Chofu FM "One Point Eikaiwa 
This was a public service language program on which I appeared and for which I created the lessons. A few appearances by Stripey.

(Chibi's story with pictures)

ANIMATION: Early-Mid 80s | Stripey Skits (Stripey is a stuffed animal/fantasy character, known for his innocense and purity. Most are these were not intended for public consumption but they are here just for the hell of it.)

NOTE: The file    

  • File 1: Kletchmer Stripey Luciban Denwa Announcement,  Luciban Denwa Song (Silent Night), Stripey condom commercial, Stripey Unchi Cologne,  Tiger Language (SHK Ho-so-), Stripey Zappa Rock Performance
  • File 2: Little Lost Tiger, Stripey Symphony Orchestra
  • File 3:  I got the Burrrrrus Again, Mister Bojangles, Les Jeus Interdits

  • EDUCATION:Early 80s-- Stories I wrote for Listening Classes at Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin: At that time, we had a coordinator who only wanted "happy selections" and who therefore eliminated some of the  sadder  ones here from the curriculum. That includes the first selection, Morris. original was on a single tape. I have divided them up nto single files.
  • File 1:Morris, a story about an old man who refuses to believe that getting old means losing the dreams of childhood.
  • File 2: Uncle Aunt, about an insect who takes a trip to a human city beleiving that people liked bugs, only to find out things are not as they seem.
  • File 3: Michael and Susan, two lovers, are at the railway station a beautiful, sunny day. Michael is going off to war.
  • File 4: Ice Cream for Nothing, I Scream for Nothing, about an ice cream salesman who has trouble selling any.
  • File 5: Bill,18-years old and suddenly blind, struggles to learn how to live all over again.
  • File 6: Why is the Ocean Salty?  This, like Ice Cream for Nothing owes its existence to stories my father told us when we were kids.
  • File 7: The Banana Salesman, a story about bargains too good to be true.
  • File 8, A Roch's Tale, a plea for fairness from a cockroach
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